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Camp BlueLAB is a collaboration between CO/LAB and the nonprofit theater group Bluelaces Theater Company. Bluelaces creates highly interactive, sensory-based theatrical experiences for people of all ages living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental differences. Like CO/LAB, Bluelaces believes that all individuals, regardless of ability status, should have the opportunity to experience the magic of theater in a lively and welcoming environment. 

Camp BlueLAB will bring summer theater fun to kids ages 9-13, giving participants an opportunity to explore the fundamentals of theater in a creative and safe environment. Our team of Teaching Artists will facilitate the program with support from counselors with and without developmental disabilities. The camp will culminate in a theatrical sharing for friends and family!


REGISTRATION for summer 2018

Camp will take place Monday-Friday August 20th-August 31st from 9:30am-12:30pm at ART/NY Manhattan (520 8th Ave, 3rd floor). The program is free, but we require a $100 deposit to register. BlueLAB is committed to maintaining financially accessible programming - please email us if you have any financial concerns.

If you are interested in enrolling someone as a camper please complete the following:

  1. Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM
  2. Pay your $10 workshop fee by clicking THIS LINK.

We anticipate that registration will fill quickly as spots are very limited so we encourage you to register ASAP!



Camp BlueLAB is open to any camper 9-13 who identifies with having a developmental disability. The program is designed to be a drop off program.  In the event that a camper needs additional support, BlueLAB staff will work with caregivers to come up with a plan that is comfortable for all parties.

If you have any questions regarding camp logistics, camper eligibility, or registration/deposit information please email us at camp@bluelacestc.com.

   Bluelaces Theater Company's production of  OUT THERE     Buatti-Ramos Photography

Bluelaces Theater Company's production of OUT THERE
Buatti-Ramos Photography

Your theater opened a door for Steven to walk through and changed his whole perspective on life. It gave him something that thrilled him. I have never gotten such a strong hug from him as when he finished that performance and came to the audience. It was so thrilling to see how excited he was. Wow! I’ve never seen him so excited about anything!
— Laurie, Parent (Madison, WI)