CO/LAB Theater Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Creative Opportunities without Limits And Boundaries. CO/LAB offers individuals with developmental disabilities a creative and social outlet through theater arts.

Through our programming, we encourage actors to collaborate as an ensemble and discover their individual voices. CO/LAB creates a safe, judgment-free, and neuro-diverse environment that allows participants the opportunity to express themselves both in class and on stage. We seek to honor and celebrate every individual. CO/LAB aims to offer financially accessible programs to all.

All of our CO/LAB:core programming is offered no cost to the participant. We aim to provide access to all those who need us, regardless of financial background.


All of our work is guided and inspired by the following core values:

  • We believe all are welcome. We foster a community with open doors that is supportive of people with all abilities, beliefs, and backgrounds.

  • We honor and celebrate each individual for who they are. We value everyone's unique contribution to our ensemble at large.

  • We set the bar high, artistically and administratively. We are ambitious. We learn, grow, and thoughtfully apply our knowledge.

  • We listen carefully, encourage new ideas, and collaborate with team members.

  • We empower generous, honest, passionate, joyful people to lead organization.


CO/LAB held its first class in the fall of 2011 with just 13 actors. Since then, we have become an established non-profit, reaching over 700 individuals with developmental disabilities through our weekly classes, and outreach programming. Our team has worked with actors in four cities to create over 25 original shows. With our crew of staff, volunteers and supporters, we continue to come up with new ways to improve our programs and grow the organization.


For more information about the organization, take a look at our Season 7 (2017-18) Annual Report.

What I love most about CO/LAB is seeing the progress the actors make each year. A few years have made such an amazing difference each actors’ performance skills.
— Parent (New York, NY)