CO/LAB:connect adapts our core programming and takes it outside of our classrooms to other organizations in the NYC area. We are always looking for new partners, and can develop a CO/LAB:connect experience that suits your organization. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in bringing CO/LAB to your group or organization. Our key CO/LAB:connect programs are:


Workshops & Residencies

Workshops and residencies bring our CO/LAB:core programming off-site to your facility. We can adapt our existing curriculum into a one-day workshop or a multi-day residency so that your participants can experience CO/LAB without traveling to our classroom. 

  • Workshops: Choose from one of our existing topics or collaborate with our education staff to build a custom curriculum best suited to the needs of your group. Past curricula include building an ensemble, improvisation, exploring environment, creating characters, and musical theater.

  • Residencies: Multi-day residencies focus on skills-building and conclude with a public performance. They can focus on one of the topics above or can be a general theater introduction that explores different aspects of performance each session. Curriculum will be based upon the interest of your staff and participants and will be developed in conjunction with the programming staff at CO/LAB.


professional development

CO/LAB programming depends on our incredible group of Teaching Artists, who develop and implement our curricula, and Supporting Artists, who support our Teaching Artists in class. To prepare our TAs and SAs for their time in class, we have developed a training program that specialized in theater education, and working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Our Professional Development outreach initiative brings our signature training program to your organization. We will train your staff the same way we train ours, and by the end of the program, you'll have staff who are confident and sensitive educators.


some of our Past Partnerships include:

Aaron Academy | AHRC (Williams Street) | ARC Mercer (New Jersey) | Center of All AbilitiesEmerge and See | GEC BrooklynGRASP | Heartshare | Help on the Way | Human First (Canarsie) | JCC Manhattan - Adaptations | JCC Manhattan - Kulam | Lifespire | Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts | LOTS Connection | MSCR (Madison, WI) | New York City Center | PPODSYAI – Hankering for More | YAI – Independent Living Program 

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