Get to know us a little better by getting to know members of the CO/LAB community. Explore the videos below to hear from our actors, parents, staff, and board members about how they became involved with CO/LAB and why they keep coming back year after year.

Katie & Dusty

“It truly is an environment that engenders and embraces creativity and expression and allows our actors to find their voices for many of them, that’s a first.”


“What I like about performing is that I could show people how fearless and how confident I could be when I’m walk on the stage.” —Dewitt


“I think that they teach us about how to be open minded, how to pay attention, how to take chances, and how to grow as an artist and an actor.” —emanuel


"CO/LAB is here to offer our actors a place to be creative, to meet new people, to build relationships, and to build their confidence. This is just the beginning of opening the door for all of our actors to take the stage and say, my voice matters." —ABBY


"Everyone was just there to grow, and enjoy, and experience this moment of art together, and that's something I won't forget." —trystin


"We look out for each other, and if one person is having a bad day we’re all there to lift that person up, or if one person has a weakness, the whole group will come to your side." —Danielle

melody & Erica

"The most important thing to know about CO/LAB is that you are the most important thing. Everyone is important in CO/LAB." —melody

Video Production & Editing by: Jared Biunno
Filming location donated by: The Tank